Jil Sander and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Jun 20, 2010Fashion

Jil Sander was always the epitome of cool, chic, sophisticated, clean lines, muted palette. Perhaps that was when Jil Sander was actually Jil Sander. That story has turned upside down. The German-born designer, Sander, is now designing for Japan-based Uniqlo and Belgian-born Raf Simmons is at the helm of the Milan-based headquarters of Jil Sander, who sold out to Muccia Prada, which ultimately pissed off Jil Sander, causing her to split, hence her current deal with Uniqlo. The saving grace for Jil Sander in this scenario, as opposed to what happened to Halston when he sold the rights to his name, is that Halston’s life dwindled into obscurity, whereas Ms. Sander’s innovative collaboration with Uniqlo keeps her beyond relevant on the global fashion landscape. Let’s just hope that Sarah Jessica Parker will not take over the reigns at Jil Sander after Raf Simmons’ inevitable departure.

All this to say…Raf turned out a spring collection that must have been inspired by Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. In sparing you my  commentary on each look, below there are a few key points that applies to the whole lot.


  1. Color is great in theory, on a runway, on pimps.
  2. Blazers paired with micro-mini shorts on men is Manzie, but on women is interesting.
  3. Hot pants on men are not hot.
  4. Layering blazers with shorts looks insane…not on trend.
  5. Say what you want about board shorts, but scrawny legs will never be sexy.
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