Manzies in Bike Lanes

Thom Browne's styling of this trench suits Michelle Obama rather than a butch guy.

Thom Browne took to the bike lanes with a breezy, cool collection for spring. As a long time bike rider, his homage to cyclists everywhere was refreshing and welcome. Usually I find more things wrong with Thom’s runway collections than right, but I am happy to report that this time around there were more wearable looks than not. Naturally, what’s a Manzie Report without a few good manzies, and with Browne’s theatrical penchant for showing more looks than necessary, there has to be a few bombs in the line-up and here they are.

Now, am I tripping of is this a to-the-knee dress with matching leggings. And did Thom think the cape finished the look? Somebody chime in here.

Manpris? Really? Thom...come on.

What's a Thom Brown collection without a good culotte set?

And I am not feeling this Sherlock Holmes-capelet either.

Calvin Klein had a few doozies, too. Designers are showing much more sell-able looks on the runway since the economy is still a big fotz, but it is as though they can’t help themselves by pairing swim trunks with blazers or hot pants with wing tips shoes. Marlene, get with it. I am happy to do last looks and help edit, or restyle. Just saying…

Flashdance collection by Calvin Klein...What?

Look, I use to crop the shit out of my sweatshirts in the 80's...but there are some trends that need to die on the vine.

And what store is ordering this? Mark down and charge backs galore.

This silhouette is never gonna fly. Bell sleeves, mid-high waist, square hair? Yikes.

Bat here's a look for the Hamptons. and (B) Excellent casting choice. ;)

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