Beyonce Wears JWOW’s Jersey Shore Clothing Line?!?

Jan 30, 2010Fashion

Beyoncé Heat
by trentisthenewpink“>

Check out this uber-sexy dress that Beyonce is sporting for her new fragrance, Heat. And heat there is. JWOW heat, if you ask me. Is there any difference between these two items of clothing? NO! The JWOW Blouse is beyond. I am not clear if she designed it or is just selling it on her website…but I say to you…run…now…click on her site. I love that she calls this one item her clothing line. You just have to love her for that. Because, really…what else do you need in your wardrobe besides a half-yard of a poly-cotton blend to spend your days and nights in? Nothing.

The JWOW blouse is beyond. I want one in every color.

OK, I admit it, I occasionally go to for my Breaking News. Arrest me. Glad I do, because I just heard from the lips of JWOW, Jenni Farley, my second favorite girl from Jersey Shore, that she is doing a clothing line. Duh…of course Snooki is numero uno. When Snooks danced on the boardwalk alone and spewed these pearls, “Shit, I could have put down a hat or somethin’ with the amount of people that stood around and watched”, well…need I say more? Before I get into the fashion aspect of this riveting news item, I want to consider how season two of Jersey Shore could even work with the same cast. It is not like they can go to the same house and pretend like they are not who they have become. The Hills tries that with Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port…which is so lame. By the time summer comes around, this Jersey Shore cast’s egos will be so inflated, that they would not want to stay in that shack they called home in season one. I understand now that they are thinking about bringing the Jersey Shore cast to the Hamptons. MTV has to really think this through if they are to retain these cast members. No one wants to watch them as super stars trying to not act like superstars, though they acted like superstars in the first place, but no one at the Jersey Shore gave two cahoons about them acting like superstars, just because they were Guidos and Giudettes.

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5 Responses to “Beyonce Wears JWOW’s Jersey Shore Clothing Line?!?”

  1. Wow what a sexy presentation I like this stuff a lot..awesome…:)

  2. Jwoww says:

    hey peeps! im in the university of georgia studying drama. I super like Jwoww, she could be a great actress…

  3. F is for Fashion says:

    HELL NO thats not from her clothing line , if you can't tell the differnece your stupid ,, beyoncé's outfit was a one piece , it was something silk ish and had way more design in it ,

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