On Going Naked

Sep 22, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Jennifer Aniston does know know how to keep her clothes on. She makes Goldie Hawn look like Mother Teresa.

Bob Morris wrote a witty piece in the New York Observer today that I wanted to comment on. I adore Bob’s writing. Always have. His article covers the uncovering of people these days. Whether it is short shorts at dinner parties, the Lady Gaga bee-keeper outfit that she wore to her sisters graduation or the current Marc Jacobs spread…literally…for his new cologne Bang, everyone is taking it off and showing their hooch. This phenomenon of people taking off their clothes seems to have taken a big turn when Demi Moore made it OK to be nine months pregnant and nude on the cover of Vanity Fair. Seems like since then…everyone wanted to show bootay. Surely I have commented on I Mean…What?!? about the flaunting of actresses. Actually, if models stayed on the covers of magazine, these actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Amanda Bynes would not have gotten to the point of baring their all in the hopes of selling men’s fashion rags.

Look, I wouldn't have the nerve to do this...but he looks amazing for his age, drugs or yoga...who cares. To quote the wise old sage Max Bialystock, "If you got it, flaunt it."

It’s the dressing down (literally) of America kids. Nudity always had its place in Playboy, yet with the slew of hags they’ve been featuring…Lord knows they are more Hustler than Playboy these days. And men’s fashion magazines went from having star athletes and male supermodels (think 70’s & 80’s)  on their covers to nude singers and actresses in an attempt to show the “women they love” to a bunch of gay readers. Like do you think they care that you love Rihanna? Relax, Marlene.

I have to go to the doctors for a series of tests. Don’t cry for me Argentina. I will finish this entry in a few hours.

All these tests take way too long…only to find out that I might be stressed. Yeah, I’m stressed. I am accosted with pictures of Demi Moore in a bikini (she hasn’t changed) and Lisa Rinna. Really though…who cares….life is short…you wanna show us your ta-tas…have a great day.

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