Manzie Alert: Spring ’11

Well, you didn’t think a season would go by without me making at least one little reference to that much loved and admired creature…the Manzie. What good would I serve if I did not stick in my two cents and and point out the one look from each of the men’s spring ’11 collections that could have easily been edited out? Huh? If you don’t know what the Manzie Report is by now, then you just have to look at these images from this week’s men’s shows/presentations to recognize that certain kind of man that would wear these ensemblays. Actually, there are two issues at stake here: 1) Manzies and 2) Garments that are so bland, that The Look For Less seems upmarket. PLEASE NOTE: I could not find one look wrong with Buckler by Andrew Buckler. Congratulations.

Band of Outsiders: OK...these look like summer pjs for toddlers. And look, it's his beddy bye, too.

Lacoste: Really? This outfit would make the vampires on True Blood disintrigrate.

Loden Dager: Have you noticed the rise in straight men wearing pink shorts this past summer? I love that straight are testing their manhood and their girlfriends walk along side them making sure she warts of homos.

Patrick Ervell: An otherwise great collection, but the belted Nehru jackets is a challenge. Lose the belt and you're good to go.

Robert Geller: Are those a new body? Shortknickers? Do they have a Roman shade tie thing happening on the side? Will men wear headbands and hose supporters...sans hose...come spring '11?

Billy Reid: Another great collection but really? Does he need to have these pants in his collection? You can buy these patchwork things anywhere. And they always look wrong. Unless you are in Malaysia or where ever those little kids are busy sewing those patches together. I mean, Jos. A Bank sells these for $39.00. Talk about The Look For less.

Gilded Age: When Mark Twain coined the phrase Gilded Age, you think he had these board shorts in mind?

Rag & Bone: Hats off to Rag & Bone for making a huge statement for men this season, baggy, relaxed, volume. But this one's like Mao Tse-Tung inspired and put on an Asian model...oy.

Steven Alan: Yes, Steven Alan has a great, loyal following. But talk about The Look For Less. This is K-mart galore.And if I see one more pair of Toms shoes...

Tim Hamilton Redux: I'd say Tim Hamilton should redux these shorts.

3.1 Phillip Lim: What's the 3.1 all about? Is it based on the Olympic judges? These two looks are redonkulous.

3.1 Phillip Lim: Not clear on what a manzie is yet? Here you go.

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  1. Kanani says:

    Smart commentary! The orange LaCoste outfit would look appropriate in the L.A. County Jail.
    But I guess that's just my cynical perspective.
    Yes, I suppose the shorts no shirt get up pounding down the runway is precisely what Mark Twain had in mind!

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