Holy Toledo

Sep 14, 2010Fashion

How cool are these people? Very.

I love The Toledos. They are my favorite couple in the city, the fashion industry, maybe the world. Well…the Jolie-Pitts are pretty groovy…but I don’t know them. Last night I was at Isabel and Ruben Toledo‘s cocktail party for Ruben’s new book, Fashion Almanac, where we talked about fashion and bloggers and where we are headed as a society, an industry, you know…chat that happens at book parties as opposed to party parties, where it’s all about “Who was there”…air kiss, air kiss…”Did you hear who is getting fired”…air kiss air kiss…”You look great” (lie)….air kiss air kiss.  We had an actual conversation that had a bit of depth…but not too much so’s not to put a damper on the evening. Though I do believe that depth will be the next trend. (NOTE: Ruben Toledo’s Fashion Almanac is beautiful and white knit lace coat that Isabel wore was devoone.)

Regarding our conversation about bloggers…I have a lot to say about this topic, but I have to seat a show now and need a day to gather my thoughts. Stay Tuned.

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  1. Depth as a trend would be welcomed by me. Bring it on with witty, smart conversations.

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