Milan’s Odds As It Ends

Why Albino Deuxieme was compelled to throw this look down the runway is beyond me. Is the statement: bedding makes for good dresses?

The Spring 11 shows came to a close in Milan, and overall there were great, sexy, safe collections sprinkled in with those few designers that love…and are committed to…Manzies. There were noticeably less mandals than last year, more blue than black and less quirky man-hats, which makes me very happy. Yes, there were Mad Men, but more along the likes of Coo-Coo, rather than Jon Hamm lookalikes. The Milan Maznie Report ends by featuring these few designers who we can live happily ever after…without.

The fabric of those culottes are also very bedding. Albino also showed mandals galore.

Once again, I am offering my services for editing.

Bat Queen is the new Manzie.


And throwing a Stella McCartney-style chunky cardigan does not tie the whole look together. Just give it up, Marlene.

I am not trying to be a bitch but if you are planning to wear this ensemble, I would love to hear from you.

This one model had to bear the brunt of Ermanno Scervino's manzie styling.

All I want to know is, to what event can you wear this look?

He must have been thinking, "I am going back to college and getting a business degree. This is the final straw."

Giuliano Fujiwara showed what WWD considered "intriguing layers and panels". I am intrigued allright.

Lurch gone manzie. Love the mandals.

These are like Lindsay Lohan inspired ankle-mandals. What is left to say? Nothing. See you in Paris.

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  1. Timothy McKlusky says:

    As an avid reader and fan of "I Mean What…", I had to offer you a "Point/Counterpoint" take on your Manzie report. While I would never advocate wearing a head to toe runway look, I have to defend some of the designers you single out as Manzie offenders. Thom Brown and Italo Zucchelli (picking up where Ray Petri left off), Vivienne Westwood Man (showing us the ideal romantic male embodied by Andreas) and Raf Simons (a return to his inner-youth) all are visionaries who are meant to see into the future and like a Kwisatz Haderach, choose the correct paths for the masses to follow.
    Personally, what I find more disturbing are the designers who offer us the opposite of Manzies, let's call them the Blandzies. He wears the safest and usually the most expensive clothes he can find that are so devoid of any kind of vision or creativity that their biggest asset is their high price tag. In Milan, I was most offended by Dolce and Gabbana and D-Squared2. While their clothes are sexual, they have zero personality. Give me a Manzie any day. See you in Paris.

    • Abe says:

      Clearly you have deep references, and I welcome not only your comments, but perhaps you might consider doing a Blandzie Report as that point of view is also critical to the full scope of fashion…or not fashion…as it were. I look forward to our duel in Paris.

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