The Not Best Dressed List At The Costume Institute Gala

It is with great sadness that I share with you my “Not Best Dressed List” for the 2011 Costume Institute Gala. Look, it does not make me happy to say things like, “That dress makes you look fat.” or “Don’t you own a mirror?” or “Don’t you have a gay?” or worse. Here are my winners or in this case losers of the evening. The rating system is as follows:

F for Fat
M for Mirror
NG for No Gay
W for No Words

I love Naomi and her commitment to wearing McQueen, but she looks F.

Christina Ricci looks like Vampira, Queen of the Night in a Zac Posen, which means she has a gay but gets an NG anyway.

Shalom Harlow in Marchesa, which one can call a confection, which is never a good thing so M.

This dueling Vampira number by Zac Posen forces me to give Crystal Renn an NG.

Thingie from Gossip Girl in Top Shop, oh so it's not off the rack, but it might as well be gives Jessica Szohr a W.

This Hilfiger number which is Big Bird meets Band Leader a.k.a. NG.


Considering how groovy The Row is...this should not have been the choice. Mary Kate gets an M.

Taylor Swift looks to old in this J. Mendel number and it's a one shoulder and she gets an NG.

Just because it is Chanel does not make it good. She'd have been better off with a fierce sexy tux so M.

How can one make Carolyn Murphy look fat? Unless she is pregnant...then F.

Beyonce giving Mae West meets Gay 90's is a definite M.

I love hats with suits...not with gowns and here in all white...F.

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2 Responses to “The Not Best Dressed List At The Costume Institute Gala”

  1. kugu says:

    Tits Beyonce never looks right to me, at least from the neck down. sorry to say, Ms Vulgarity, not appropriate for the Met no matter what.

  2. […] contraption, yes you Beyonce, or even peel off those teeth-hurting, sugary Marchesa confections (you know my opinion of the word confection as an adjective for a dress) comes the second half of my Not Best Dressed List from the Costume Institute Gala from Monday […]

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