New York Fashion Week: My Edits

Sep 11, 2011Fashion

Valerie Cherish's famous quote: "I don't need to see that!" As applied to New York Fashion Week.

Designers are known to have big egos. Not only do I know this first hand, but they will be the first ones to admit it themselves. Hello Michael Kors. The fact remains, it takes a big ego to decide that this dress is the new must-have or that skirt length is the only length this season, you get the drift. It also takes a big ego tho throw some things down a runway that there is no chance in hell that a retailer would buy it, let alone that a socialista would wear it… besides the hired model. Ogling the many shows, with so many newcomers, I need to learn more languages in order to keep up with the frenzy. Anyhoo, with every blog blabbering about what they see on the runway, I thought it would be fun to feature the looks I would edit out.

I know, athletics are one of the key trends this season, but 80's track suits? This Alexander Wang screams Aunt Sassy all the way.

This Prabal Gurung looks like something that would be better suited for a Chihuahua.

See what I mean?

Helen Yarmak showed tons of fur. For Spring? This Russian furrier must also double as the wardrobe mistress for that Lifetime show, Russian Dolls.

See what I mean?

This unflattering nonsense from Honor could double as a tent for Hurricane Irene evacuees.

Just sayin'.

With the newest silhouette being looser and more ethereal, thank God someone, Kevork Kiledijan, is still making a Hootchie Mamma dress.

Well, Kevork is not alone. he has the Kardashians to compete with.

Joseph Altuzarra had to throw in this ode to Macy's Flower Show.

And we need a redux of bad 80's floral jumpsuits, like I am going to the moon.

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