New York Fashion Week: Print Wars

There's a war on.

Spring ’12 is shaping up to be the war of the print worlds. How is a buyer to determine which print will sell better than another? It is a daunting task to decide which blown out floral will be the better choice. As if with two fashion show venues, The Tents @ Lincoln Center & Made (Milk), coupled with the endless other indie fashion show locations, then you have the challenge of determining what to buy. I gotta hand it to the buyers who have to navigate that kaleidoscope of color coupled with no taxis and feeling like you might not be at the best party of the evening. All editors have to say is, “the trend is athletics and prints” and the rest is up to the buyers to figure out. Good luck with that.

A print war.

And nobody is safe.

From the horrors of print wars.

Especially for those who want to venture beyond the Little Black Dress.

Because then you will become an automatic target.

To be put on The Not Best Dressed List.



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