New York Fashion Week: The J. Crewing Of Fashion

Sep 14, 2011Fashion

This is what all the fuss is about at J. Crew? quoted someone that was walking out of the J. Crew presentation saying, “Best show of New York fashion week.” Naturally they did not attach a person’s name with such a ridiculous remark. When the Gap, Banana Republic and J. Crew position themselves as a viable brand to take a slot during fashion week (New York, Paris whatever) they contribute to the watering down of Fashion Weeks in general. I get it, you want that press and attention. And surely it is a smart move. But sucking the wind out of the room, or the market, might be advantageous in the short term but in the bigger picture, it takes away from the bright up-and-coming talents who are struggling for their deserved place at the table. So Michelle Obama wears J. Crew, let’s do a presentation? Was that the big corporate broo–ha-ha discussion? Whatever. Frankly, I wish Michelle Obama would be a bit more visible on the home front of helping her husband navigate the treacherous waters he is currently in and stay out of the fashion foray for now. If she ain’t residing in The White House, no one in the fashion industry will give a rat’s ass what she is wearing a year from now, when everything will be marked down.

Why on Earth did Beyonce go to this presentation? Solange, I get. But Beyonce?


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