Oscar de la Facebook

Aug 11, 2010Fashion

Do these look like Facebook people to you?

What started out as a great way to connect college students has turned into a key marketing strategy for many industries…most notably…fashion. When you think that a bunch of beer keggers were the original sought out members of this non-elite community, one can’t fathom how that changed to the point where now, so many fashion designers are retooling their public relations efforts to reach their audience through such a down-market channel. Most of the people trolling Facebook would otherwise be shunned. You too can be a member of the Chanel or the Oscar de la Renta fan club. The thing is, not all your fans are gonna buy one friggen piece of anything so what’s with the excitement as to how many followers you have. You do the math. Oscar has 40,5557 fans. If each one coughed up a grand…seeing that must be the average price of a garment (let’s say), that would be $40 million bucks. Now let’s do the real math. A woman that buys a couture Oscar de la Renta dress is not about to dilly-dally with the other Oscar fans by announcing, “Yay, just picked up my black lace gown for the CFDA Awards tonight”. Though our doyenne may very well be active on Facebook, chances are she is busy looking up her high school sweetheart because the man she is married to that keeps her in Oscar…well…he is a big, old bore and our heroine wants to reconnect with the boy that got away after prom night, having stolen her virginity.

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