Paris: Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

Mar 5, 2010Fashion

Hello my fearless flock of fashion following friends. What I love about World Fashion Week is that we get to see so many beautiful collections from all over the world such as New York, Milan, and Paris. Sure we also see lots of nonsense from other ports of call such as Madrid Fashion Week, Australia, Brazil, Lakme Fashion Week (India) and assorted Middle Eastern countries. But today, let’s discuss Paris. With the economy still in turmoil, many of the collections have been fiercely edited, and buyer optimism is reflected on increased orders. And frankly, the blogosphere is having a positive impact on generating increased consumer interest. Overall there is good news coming out of Fall ’10 and we are none the wiser (surely). Naturally, there are Manzie Reports and cartoon nonsense, but what fashion week doesn’t have its fair share of that? With plenty of beauty floating down the many runways, there are always those critical moments a.k.a. “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…”

Some of Gareth Pugh's men's pieces really make me say hmmmm, as in Nosferatu.

See what I mean? Hmmmm.

Come on, do you want to be the one wearing this outfit at a non-fashionista party?

Yes, gray is THE color of Fall '10. But this pleated pant suit is going nowhere fast.

A cowl neck dress for men is hmmmm. Yes, that is a guy.

Here is the opening look at Rick Owens. Hmmmm...

This is reminiscent of those Norma Kamali 70's ski coats...gone horribly wrong.

OK, so Rick takes a piece of fabric and what?!?

Sorry, but this recreation of Grace Jones is in "I would hate to run into this woman in a dark alley" kind of scary.

You remember the Bride of Frankenstein? Well here we have the Bride of the Tin-Man.

Manish Arora did a collection for the Weeble Fashionista.

This is a lame version of last spring's Balenciaga with a sprinkle of wanna-be Alexander McQueen.

This unflattering flapper inspired nonsense would make anyone go hmmm...

And if this loud unflattering nonsense doesn't make you go hmmmm...then you make me go hmmmm...

What is this?!? Besides utter nonsense. Not even worthy of a hmmmm...

2 Responses to “Paris: Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…”

  1. alexandra says:

    certainly lots of 'editorial' looks ie unwearable in reality unless you want a gaggle of stares. I would say these would be looks that would prod me to say WTF or IMW!!

    I loved your weeble reference-lol as usual

  2. richard brooks says:

    i loved your "nosferatu" comment. very apropos!

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