Pierre Cardin Wins Hands Down

Oct 7, 2010Fashion

Pierre Cardin is the winner, hands down.

It’s over…and the fat lady sang. (Beth Ditto at Jean Paul Gaultier.) As World Fashion Week came to a close in Paris, the question is, “Who wins the I Mean…What?!? Best Collection Spring ’11. It is a toss up between a few designers that seem to be hell bent on showing conceptual nonsense or what I call Pre-Halloween. It is astonishing that companies like Wunderkind (whose name seems to be from a time gone by) and Maison Martin Margiela (ditto) even bother to spend whatever dollars to show pieces that are preposterous, unnecessary and frankly an insult to injury….as in, it hurts my eyes to look at some of that crap, hence, I am insulted. Needless to say, Pierre Cardin crawled out from under a rock (made of licensing money) in an attempt to reclaim his position as fashion maverick. That went over like a lead balloon…a lead fotzy balloon that is.

Margiela showed ironing boards.

Good news is that you don't need to diet anymore.

Based on the boyfreind jean concept, these are the pants of a rotund boyfrined.

Based on the boyfriend jean concept, these are the pants of a rotund boyfriend. Not gonna borrow 'em.

Why Wolfgang Joop bothers to send men's looks...tragic ones at that...down the runway is proof that he deserves to be in line for this season's prize. Booby prize that is.

The women's version is even worse. It is unflattering Heidi Goes Yodeling ridiculousness.

Read my lips...no new men's looks.

Matchy matchy is never a good thing. Even on Pluto. Click on image for link to The Guardian. Who agrees.

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  1. Veruschka says:

    This is all SOOOO awfully preposterous…who on earth would think this is good? I am not a designer but I would be embarrassed to say I approved a stitch on any of this. How is the starched stuff practical or special-ocsasiony?

  2. Mamie Banker says:

    I do not typically give feedback, though genuinely do like your blog page – so many thanks for posting and also have a wonderful morning

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