Shopping At The Movies

May 19, 2010Fashion

Literally everything in this scene can and will be purchased while sitting in the theater. Watch the movie? Nah...Shop the movie...yeah!

There is no doubt that the future holds many keys to the age old question: Where can I find that dress that So-n-So was wearing in that movie I saw last night? As technology marches on, you can be rest assured that the movie going experience is headed in the direction of “escape to the movies for retail therapy”. We are talking about a far more sophisticated situation that what we have now, which is that tacky, knock-off, dress company ABS by Jewish Guy that gets featured on The Insider the night after ever big award show. “Wanna look like Jennifer Lopez? Go to Nordstrom Rack“.  No, what I am talking about is, you will sit in the theater, bring your iPad complete with the Movie-Shop App. Then select the movie you are watching and literally everything in the move that is not nailed down (sets) will be purchasable right then and there. Hello…welcome to the 21st century. Surely you will miss the best parts of the movie as you chose your preferred color and size…and clearly audience members will hear a lot of, “What did I just miss, what happened, what did she say?” But for shopaholics, it is a small price to pay for being able to be swept away by the grandeur of cinema…and shop for things you really don’t need.

Today’s The New York Times Style features Sex and the City 2, but more importantly, addresses the purchasable items such as Sarah Jessica Parker‘s white cocktail dress by Halston Heritage. The interesting tidbit is that SJP is the CEO of Halston Heritage these days too…how coy mozy is that? Look, if that is the future of fashion advertising/marketing…so be it. But as I predicted a while back…when Tom Ford’s A Single Man came out…to be prepared for fashion designers to start really getting heavily into creating movies. Hey, as long as we get great content…who cares? But if we end up watching long ass commercials…then…yikes. Speaking of which…check out Karl Lagerfeld‘s new movie Remember Now.


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