Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated” Is Defeated

Glamor-puss is one thing, glamor-puss bloviator is another.

As Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 steamrolled into theaters so too did Sarah Palin‘s gem classic, The Undefeated. Early reports are not looking good for Sarah’s Mariah Carey Glitter moment.

The other night I was watching Sarah Palin on Fox News. Yes, I  occasionally flick over to witness what hatred is being spewed and was, as always, amazed that Sarah was in full regalia, spewing hatred. To Sarah, her regalia comes in a far more informal look that that of, let’s say, Prince William or any other military personnel. Her suit of armor conveys more of a “down home just shot a Democrat” kind of demeanor. Uptight, yet relaxed at the same time. She is usually set amidst nature, a la Bambi, as in the case of this recent Newsweek glamor shoot, which has her tastefully strewn in the fields, like lilies… “who do not toil or spin” (Matthew 6:28). I would like nothing more than to be a fly on the wall in her War Room when laying out her plans  now that her Gestapo-like, propaganda film, The Undefeated, a la Leni Riefenstahl’s, Triumph of the Will, has bombed. Believe me Matthew, Sarah Palin is toiling and spinning PLENTY. Next up she will get out the voodoo doll that looks like Michele Bachmann, cooking up a witches brew and casting a spell on her a la Macbeth.

The lilies of the field, the do not toil or spin. Wanna bet?

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