Sarah Palin, Serene Branson And Miss Teen South Carolina

Perhaps Sarah Palin should invite Serene Branson to be her running mate. And Miss Carolina can be her press agent. Who cares about coherence?

Oh, come on. You tell me what the difference is between these three sound bites, one from Sarah Palin when asked about the midnight ride of Paul Revere or Serene Branson after the Grammy Awards when reporting on *Lady Antebellum‘s unusual Grammy sweep. And how can we not included the lovely Miss South Carolina from Miss Teen USA Pageant, when she spewed these pearls when asked about the lack of education in our youth. Watch, listen and learn.

Ever wonder what Lady Antebellum means? Well, Lady is obvious, but Antebellum refers to an architectural style of home that means before the war. Specifically, the Civil War. As in Tara.

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