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There are certain people that are permeating the airwaves that make me say more than I MEAN…WHAT?!? They are a combination of all-wrong, void of social consciousness, and truly annoying. I pray for them to fade into the sunset (’cause I am so spiritual), but that doesn’t seem to help. Someone needs to put them out of their media-blaring misery. So, I’ve started the I MEAN…WHAT?!? Hit List. No, I do not wish them death…rather…complete and everlasting obscurity. Ohmmmmm.… Read More »

Match the image to the ditty. 1. The Real Housewives of New York have all been cursed since the second (highest ratings) season began. Each experiencing personal problems, neither willing to admit that being the most annoying women on television is a bad thing. On the contrary, they are reveling in it. Who are these women again? 2. The claim that Harlem is losing its soul because those highfalutin real estate developments planned for the “New Harlem Renaissance” have dried up. Well, correct me if I am wrong, but Harlem has soul, it’s the real estate developers that don’t. This… Read More »

Excuse me while I stick my fingers in my ears and, “La la la la la la la la la la la la la la.” Who can listen to all this endless Rihanna drama? Like this and Oct-O-Mom stories are what we have been relegated to at a time when there’s so much turmoil around the world. And no, I don’t mean the friggen economy….cause, la la la la la la to that too. Isn’t there something horrendous going on in Darfur that we should be discussing or how about what’s really going on at the Mexican border. Yikes. I… Read More »


To what lengths does one have to go in order to achieve fame? It wasn’t until years later that by simply sucking on someone’s cock (Monica Lewinsky and Kim Kardashian) that the distance one had to go to achieve fame was not that far at all. The only distance they had to go…was down.… Read More »

Clearly this look suits Manzies AND Jennifer Aniston like nobodies busiess. Or, shall I say, neither Manzies or Jennifer Aniston have no business wearing this shit.

Q. What is a Manzie?
A. A Manzie is not a Pansy or a Dandy. A Pansy doesn’t necessarily dress effeminately in order to be teased by a bunch of blokes. A Dandy dresses like a proper gentleman adding a special touch of avant-garde styling. A Manzie is a guy desperately trying to be “on trend”. He can be a straight man trying too hard to be stylish or a straight-acting-gay guy who acts extra butch to compensate for his quirky fashion choices. Bottom line: A Manzie will wear any of the outfits featured here. … Read More »


We received this Letter to the Editor:

Hey Abe,
Is it OK to wear shorts around Paris? Your insight into what would be the best way to proceed would be much appreciated. Any info much appreciated. Thank you very much. Thank you.
–Paul… Read More »


Certain mistakes on the pink carpet of the Costume Institute Gala were inexcusable. I mean even Marc Jacobs had a better dress on than some of these gals.… Read More »

Screen shot 2011-07-21 at 6.42.49 PM

There is not much to say. This Not Best Dressed List has become a staple in the I Mean…What?!? universe and shall stay in place forever. Why? Because so many fashionistas are clueless. Or just not brilliant. Words speak volumes, but pictures tell the story. Without any further ado, here are this year’s entries onto The CFDA NOT Best Dressed List for your perusal. Follow us on Twitter or Like Us on Facebook.… Read More »

Why on Earth would Rihanna take 30 grand for just sitting at a club. What is she…A Jersey Shore hag now? Yikes. – DIGITAL SPY Lena Horne…rest in peace. – HUFFINGTON POST Nordstom’s Crack is opening in New York City tomorrow. Looks more like Ross For Less. Just what we need, more downmarket marketing. Yikes. – WWD Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis to tour this summer. That is hot. Period. – THAT GRAPE JUICE Proving my mom’s philosophy that “there is a cover for every pot” and in this case for every crack. – D LISTED Click here to follow… Read More »

Oy, Lindsay Lohan doing jail time?!? – NY DAILY NEWS McQueen’s new look book. – HUFFINGTON POST That this guys thinks he can get better and more interesting than Halle Berry…well…not gonna happen. – DLISTED Can’t wait to see Betty White on Saturday Night Live. The internet rules! – ET I know, I know, everybody that loves Lady Gaga hates the new Christina Aguilera song and video…but I say screw you. Christina is Christina, now buzz off. – THE GRAPE JUICE Click here to follow I MEAN…WHAT?!? on Twitter.… Read More »