I Mean…What?!? Ditties

Match the image to the ditty.

1. The Real Housewives of New York have all been cursed since the second (highest ratings) season began. Each experiencing personal problems, neither willing to admit that being the most annoying women on television is a bad thing. On the contrary, they are reveling in it. Who are these women again?

2. The claim that Harlem is losing its soul because those highfalutin real estate developments planned for the “New Harlem Renaissance” have dried up. Well, correct me if I am wrong, but Harlem has soul, it’s the real estate developers that don’t. This could be a good thing.

3. Ruth Madoff was spotted with shopping bags at Neiman-Marcus, Boca Raton. I guess she’s loading up on cheeks (Juvaderme). But correct me if I am wrong, shouldn’t someone smack her…like with a shopping bag?

4. Madonna’s request to adopt Mercy has been denied. Can someone please explain to me the advantage of keeping that sweet, little girl in an AIDS and poverty ravaged hell hole? I am all ears. And should the Malawian government shut the fuck up? We change the world one gesture at a time.

5. Chris Brown plans to plead “not guilty” tomorrow to charges that he beat his girlfriend Rihanna…correction…ass-whooped his girlfriend Rihanna. Can someone please beat the shit out of that guy. And while you’re at it, bitch-slap his lawyer too. How are they going to keep a straight face? Gross.

6. Top Shop takes Manhattan. Proof that people, recession or not, need retail therapy. Earth to the fashion industry, revisit your high priced collections, and immediately offer a group of well-priced items that work into your story. It’s called High/Low…get used to it.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Madonna needs to stick to the official rules of the country she is adopting from, just like all the non-celebrities have to. By not wanting to do so she is putting adoption in a bad light, sorry. How easy it would be for child traffickers if they could adopt in the way too easy way she was allowed to adopt David Banda. As for Mercy, I don't think she would nec. be better off being raised by Madonna's nannies.

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