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Brooke Mueller in rehab is such old news that it’s weird that she was even in the news today for going to rehab…again…which is like her weekly adventure.… Read More »

This is pregnant. Poor baby.

Someone please tell Aubrey O’Day that there is no reason on Earth that she should attend a red carpet event. Her minutes, no, not the full fifteen, rather, the seven that she did manage to scarf down, are over. Aubrey dear, trust me, you must go away. Find a nice little town to set up a meaningful life because your attempts at creating a large life in Hollywood are not working. Be gone.… Read More »

Somebody please help me understand this event that recently happened in West Hollywood called Heel Hate, One Stiletto At A Time, which apparently was a benefit for the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Now, I applaud anyone who wants to help draw attention to the critical work of the foundation whose “Erase Hate” Initiative is at the heart of the organization’s work and mission. Judy and Dennis Shepard created the Foundation shortly after Matthew’s death, with a goal to “Replace Hate with Understanding, Compassion & Acceptance”. They are amazing, and I am proud to support their work. So, just work with me… Read More »