The Not Best Dressed List

Poor Aubrey O'Day. Someone has to tell her to stop, once and for all.

What's with the trend of ill-fitting dresses at the boobs? Brittny Gastineau apparently caught the wddding bouquet, between her tits.

This dress was featured on the Lakme Fashion Week but I can't help thinking it is better served on the set of Phantom of the Opera.

A gentle reminder that Snooki is a shrek. (Terror in Yiddish besides Disney character.)

Lady Gaga is on the Vanity Fair International Best Dress List as well as my Not Best Dressed List. Go figure. I think she's beyond interesting, but this particular look is ill-fitting and the shoes are Fred Munster does drag.

The New York Times says, "It's all about polka dots". Excpet in the case of this monstrosity.

Barack Obama must lose those mom jeans. It will be a hindrence on the campaign trail and he needs all edge he can muster.

Oy vey.

Trandgender model, Isis King wears the perfect dress to wear to Stevie Cohen's Bar Mitvah at Leonard's of Greak Neck.



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