Brooke Mueller In Rehab. What Else Is New?

Brooke Mueller needs to move in with Aubrey O’Day somewhere in Vancouver.

Brooke Mueller going back to rehab is such non-news that it’s weird that she made it to the news today for going back to rehab…again…which is like her weekly adventure. After learning that Charlie Sheen gave Lindsay Lohan $100,000 for being an addict as well as his generous contribution to a charity, to prove that he is a nice addict, this addict must be in a tizzy because of how Sheen pisses away money that could rightfully go to her habit…OF BEING AN ADDICT.


Brooke Mueller, who holds the illustrious title of Gross Baboon—albeit not Of The Year—was arrested for possession of copious amounts of cocaine in Aspen, where I guess the snow on the ground served as a trigger for her wanting to cop blow. Knowing her, she will blame Mother Nature for her drug relapse. Here’s the deal, Brooke needs to once and for all be put away for one solid year to rehab and those kids need to go to Charlie Sheen’s house with two full-time court appointed nannies that need to check in with Child Protective Services each week and keep a daily journal, which would be reviewed weekly.

Brooke is more or less hopeless. She threatened to take down Charlie Sheen with salacious gay rumors, which is why he threatened her with a knife two years ago Christmas morning a.k.a. the Non-Nativity Scene. She and her mom are plotters and nut bags and need to go far into the woodwork and ne’er be heard from again. Bye.

This was written April 18, 2011, the last time the stupid bitch got arrested.

Has no one been listening to me? Brooke Mueller is a skank, is using those sweet kids to hold Charlie Sheen hostage for more dough and is an all around Gross Baboon. Look, Brooke ran back to rehab, for fear of losing the kids, hence, more dough. I bet any money that her mother, another known piece of work, shuffled her off to Buffalo…er…Promises. This whole group make Aubrey O’Day seem compelling. Eek.

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