Heel Hate, One Stiletto At A Time

Yikes. Aubrey O'Day is enough to scare the bejesus out of any fag basher.

Somebody please help me understand this event that recently happened in West Hollywood called Heel Hate, One Stiletto At A Time, which apparently was a benefit for the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Now, I applaud anyone who wants to help draw attention to the critical work of the foundation whose “Erase Hate” Initiative is at the heart of the organization’s work and mission. Judy and Dennis Shepard created the Foundation shortly after Matthew’s death, with a goal to “Replace Hate with Understanding, Compassion & Acceptance”. They are amazing, and I am proud to support their work. So, just work with me here as I show you some of the attendees of this event.

If I were a fag basher and was confronted by these gals, I would run for the hills. No tact is a scary proposition.

These dynamic women, Aubrey O’Day, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Shana Moakler, came together to make the statement that, “If you hate gays, then we will beat the crap out of you with our stilettos”. And (B), tell me Bridget’s dress doesn’t scare you to death (that yellow thing complete with tutu).

It's nice to know that Cruella DeVille has turned over a new leaf and is doing her part to help others.

I’ll admit, I feel a bit guilty for not showing understanding, compassion and acceptance for this lovely group of tacky bitches. Please accept my apologies for being so insensitive about these well-meaning, truly press hungry, poorly dressed group of gals and trannies. Behold, the entertainment portion of the evening, which was enough to scare anyone straight.

Shangela will whoop your gay bashin' ass, Miss Thing.

YIkes...as in Yowza McGee.

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