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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

httpv:// Well, it IS my birthday and I am THE President, of I Mean…What?!? anyway. Perhaps I will take the day to reflect on aging, the meaning of life and why it all seems so fleeting. Nah, too depressing. Let me put things in perspective and say that birthdays are like sunshine. Yeesh, too stupid. Let me just wish my fellow May 6th people a Happy Birthday. No, not my Facebook friends. But rather my ‘in-my-own-mind’ BFF’s like George Clooney. Happy Birthday George.   Please follow us on or Like Us on Facebook.… Read More »


It’s odd not seeing Fern at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but then again, I had issues adjusting to the second Darrin Stevens on Bewitched. Guess we all have to just move on. … Read More »

Tom Ford, that handsome renaissance man, went on record with a few of the by-laws that make up The Tom Ford Doctrine. Jefferson Hack interviewed him for AnOther Man about being a gentlemen. Let’s just call it the modern day Gentleman’s Agreement. I must say, we do see eye to eye on most things. He believes that: You should be the best that you can be. Check. (I took that suggestion from the Army ad song.) Gentlemen should work. (Check. Even if I had a Sugar Daddy, I would continue with I Mean…What?!?) Manners are very important such as opening… Read More »

As a member of the internet elite, well, in my own mind anyway, I wanted to give a shout out to Thrillist, the men’s website that has quickly become a leader in how blogs evolve into a sophisticated, revenue generating, content driven, value added groovy thing. Adam Rich started the venture in 2005 and has been at the forefront of the ever changing internet. People like Adam and Arianna Huffington are inspirational and honorable for taking their passion for sitting at their computer so successful. Read today’s piece in The New York Times Business and in my case weep. Kidding,… Read More »

Follow Up: What The Gap Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love

Something wonderful happened in the aftermath of writing that story, What The Gap Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love. The next day—after my article had gone viral…… Read More »

Let’s face it, Superman is the most exhausted franchise of all. He makes Batman seem fresh and relevant. And the trouble with Spider-Man on Broadway is proving that fake flying is a bit of a fotz. But, you know how Hollywood is. They will milk a super hero to their last breath and Superman will fly again. Rumors are swirling that Lindsay Lohan is up for a role in the next Man of Steel caper, but not as Lois Lane. Who would believe that? She would be best served as a villain who gets it on with Superman while she… Read More »

How obsessed are we about New Year’s Eve? Are you one of those people that have be out and about or those devout stayer-inners who always apologetically, or over-compensated-ly wear their plans like a badge of honor. “I don’t need to be out amongst humans, I am confident in my own skin.” Well, that, or you have no plans. I was reading about the Las Vegas opening of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and their 25 million dollar New Year’s Bash starring Jay Z, Beyonce, Coldplay and Gwyneth Paltrow. Granted it sounds like a grand old time but relax Marlene. Sounds like… Read More »

Have you considered how much money, time, thought, conversation, discussion, testing…not to mention the amount of focus groups, arguing, and overspending that goes into the development and marketing of a celebrity fragrance? One could compare the energy and cost of a single celebrity fragrance to…well…let’s see…the war in Iraq? Years and years of tireless effort…for what? What I wouldn’t do to be a fly on the wall for any one of these projects from its inception to the official launch event. I Mean…What!? has done piece after piece on celebrity fragrances and now that Katy Perry’s Purr is out there,… Read More »

Lindsay Lohan Has Super Powers

It has been a while since I have mentioned Lindsay Lohan on I Mean…What?!? Frankly, her life resembles the movie Ground Hog Day as opposed to the light, frothy Mean Girls. Lindsay is suffering from The Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome, which is getting old…and the only heroine in the story is the cocaine. Rather than be like everyone else and judge her ad nauseum, I chose to stay out of the fray and let her chips fall where they may. And watching the endless turns of event, I would love to get my hands on a set of those… Read More »

Dan Black, “Yours”

httpv:// Produced by Image Loading for IMW-TV… Read More »