Superman Needs Lindsay Lohan

Feb 8, 2011People We Lerve

Lindsay Lohan is up for a part in the new, improved Superman.

Let’s face it, Superman is the most exhausted franchise of all. He makes Batman seem fresh and relevant. And the trouble with Spider-Man on Broadway is proving that fake flying is a bit of a fotz. But, you know how Hollywood is. They will milk a super hero to their last breath and Superman will fly again. Rumors are swirling that Lindsay Lohan is up for a role in the next Man of Steel caper, but not as Lois Lane. Who would believe that? She would be best served as a villain who gets it on with Superman while she has him tied down with Kryptonite handcuffs. Now that is a good use of her super powers and a great way for Lindsay to comeback strong. I would like to take credit for that casting coup because the producers and director of the film saw I Mean…What?!? last May when I featured these photos of Lindsay Lohan. That was other rumors were swirling that she was sleeping with the Cougar Lesbian Photographer Indrani.

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  1. ip says:

    I hope she gets this part, maybe she'll quit stealing necklaces.

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