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 httpv:// Produced by Abe Gurko, Directed by David McIntyre, Image Loading for IMW-TV Watch Kara and Jason reeves sing Terrified. httpv://… Read More »

Kernels of Dish (Thursday)

Freaky looking Bethenny Frankel lost all her baby weight in like two minutes. The Skinny Margarita spokesperson has to be skinny. Vomit much? – PAGE SIX httpv:// Lindsay Lohan requested that the last video featured on IMW-TV be taken down yesterday, but this new one get’s her seal of approval. Whatever. PAGE SIX reports that “Kara Dioguardi is as nice as can be”. Tell me something I don’t know. These two Real Housewives of New York City attend perhaps THE saddest Up Fronts on Earth. See… What… I… Mean?!?… Read More »

The Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller saga of tremense proportions is never going to end. Surely not on a good note. -DISH RAG Kara DioGuardi is smokin’ hot. The hottest thing on American Idol for damn sure. – HUFFINGTON POST What to wear to Coachella? G-STAR cool as ice denim ensemble…what else? I MEAN…WHAT?!? Kate Gosselin may be annoying to many…but I have to actually hand it to her…she knows how to play the media better than…like…anyone. – PEOPLE Move over Darth Vader…Sarah Palin is the new Leader of the Evil Empire. – GAWKER Are you on Twitter? Click here… Read More »

Well, shut my mouth. And that is hard to do. Kara DioGuardi blasted me and America away with her unexpectedly fantastic rendition of Vision of Love / pissing contest with that wanna-be Miss USA, “bikini girl’ Katrina Darrell. By the way, Kara won hands down not only for singing, but the body-ody-ody. Until that moment, I was reserving judgment on Kara, the newest member of the Idol judges. And I was really not feeling that finale song that she co-wrote, especially not for Adam, if he had won, which he didn’t…but he did, ’cause winning that title is the kiss… Read More »