The Kara DioGuardi American Idol Abs Machine

May 23, 2009People We Lerve
And the winner is....Kara 'The Abs" DioGuardi

And the winner is....Kara 'The Abs" DioGuardi

Well, shut my mouth. And that is hard to do. Kara DioGuardi blasted me and America away with her unexpectedly fantastic rendition of Vision of Love / pissing contest with that wanna-be Miss USA, “bikini girl’ Katrina Darrell. By the way, Kara won hands down not only for singing, but the body-ody-ody. Until that moment, I was reserving judgment on Kara, the newest member of the Idol judges. And I was really not feeling that finale song that she co-wrote, especially not for Adam, if he had won, which he didn’t…but he did, ’cause winning that title is the kiss of death (see my Thursday entry).

So I am chit-chatting at the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday afternoon with my friend Rubin Singer, who happened to be in town. Since we take spiritual aerobics together in NYC, one simply has to get together with a fellow Intensati-ite, or is it Intesatian, Intersati-er? Oh, fuck it…there were cocktails involved…I was there. He was with a lively group of fashionistas and they had spent the afternoon with Kara and a friend. Well, this is LA and celebrities do fall off trees. Sure enough Kara & Co. come buzzing back around to continue the levity. I am here to tell you that Miss Kara is fierce. Beautiful, relaxed, funny, balsy, a true New Yorker. She needs to let her real persona shine through much more on the show, if her contract is renewed. I think America will really get her and her Q rating will soar. Plus she should show those abs too, from time to time, ’cause she can make a friggen mint selling the Kara DioGuardi American Idol Abs Machine.

Leaving LA today, sad to say. I have a few great freinds here and the weather is fucking awesome. New York, get your weather shit together already…I mean…what?!?

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3 Responses to “The Kara DioGuardi American Idol Abs Machine”

  1. Ericka says:

    I don't watch AI, but looking at the photo above, yeah, Kara's got it! I shall have to youtube that moment.

    I'm glad we had fantastic weather for you. Bring a little back with you. (but save some for us)


  2. G-Mole says:

    I think it's sad some middle aged woman has to prove to the world that she has a body of a 19yr. old bikini clad college student like "oh oh look at me aren't i hot too?" SAD keep writing songs for Hillary Duff & the Pussy Cat Dolls, I MEAN… What?!?

  3. I loved the top 5 American idol group song last night. It was heartbreaking to see Aaron Kelly removed but I think the other singers were better singers hence he needed to go!

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