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Wonders will never cease and change is not likely at The New York Times Sunday Styles. On several occasions I have been astonished at the out of touchness, the irrelevance, and some of the people they take to A Night Out With. It’s shoc…king! Yesterday we have three ditties that I found dubious at best. First off, there was a piece on the new Harvard Yard men’s collection. Excuse me, I reported on that over three weeks ago. Now granted, the Times Style is not a fashion rag and need not be as topical as would a fashion trade publication.… Read More »

UPDATE: DECEMBER 21, 2009 Brooke Astor’s son, Anthony Marshall has been sentenced one to three years in state penitentiary. This is the mandatory jail time carried with the charge of grand larceny in the first degree. The 85 year old Marshall will also receive one year for each of the other charges for which he was found guilty, to be served concurrently. THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL STORY This ongoing salacious, sordid story about Brooke Astor, her namby-pamby eighty year-old son, (85 year-old and son in the same sentence sounds weird) Anthony Marshall and his cow (or pig) of a wife… Read More »

Now that Bernie is off to the slammer, it’s all about his lovely wife Ruth, who I bet is so far up the ass of this Ponzi scheme that she can’t breathe. I’d like to first note that her cheeks and forehead look fierce. I will bet HER bottom dollar that she has the same injectibles as Madonna. Come on. First of all, I have looked in every article written to date about the Madoff’s and nowhere do they list her age. Bernie is 70. So, then I will estimate her as not much younger. Now for a 65-70 year… Read More »

As we say goodbye to that ugly fuck Bernie Madoff (and hopefully his wife, sons and anyone else involved) I thought it fitting to Kumbaya together and sing this lovely song. What better way to send off to the Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side than with these lyrics to “Bye Bye Birdie”, once sung by the achingly beautiful Ann Margaret. Bye Bye Bernie No one will miss you so; Bye Bye Bernie, Glad they made you go? No more Ponzis, It’s grabbed you by the nuts; Don’t cry Bernie, Just cause you’re a putz. I’ll miss your ugly… Read More »