Brooke Astor Can Now Rest In Peace

May 7, 2009People We Lerve

Brooke Astor’s son, Anthony Marshall has been sentenced one to three years in state penitentiary. This is the mandatory jail time carried with the charge of grand larceny in the first degree. The 85 year old Marshall will also receive one year for each of the other charges for which he was found guilty, to be served concurrently.

Anthony Marshall takes the walk of shame...with that thing of a wife.


Would someone let this woman rest in peace already.

Would someone let this woman rest in peace already? Oy.

This ongoing salacious, sordid story about Brooke Astor, her namby-pamby eighty year-old son, (85 year-old and son in the same sentence sounds weird) Anthony Marshall and his cow (or pig) of a wife Charlene is just too upsetting and annoying. I don’t even know where to begin with why this situation is bugging me so much. First of all, Brooke Astor never seemed to be part of this planet, even in the 70’s when she would make appearances at Studio 54, there was some kind of disconnect. Then again how many doyennes are in your speed dial? But the way she was treated and honored and made out to be like this Dresden doll with cash. Well, I never got it. But then again, I am extremely disconnected from the Upper East Side.

But now, I read about her tragic decline due to Alzheimmers and that ass of a son and the Miss Piggy wife accusted of shnorring 50 million bucks, is what’s the hardest to imagine. Those sad lonely nights she suffered. I know first hand the horror of Alzheimers since my mom died due to complications of that dreaded disease. But the thought of how she was treated by her own family is just shockingly wrong.

Ass, mouth, the silver spoon is not always so sterling.

Ass, mouth, the silver spoon is not always sterling.

And what’s with these children of extremely rich people. How insane are they? And how incapable of doing anything are they, besides waiting around for their parents to croak? Sure, there are many exceptions to that rule (the Trump kids are smart), as I don’t want to bastardize everyone that is born with a silver spoon in their ass (mouth), but you would have a long argument with me if you didn’t think that there are plenty of disadvantages to be overly advantaged. You just hear story after story about these family dramas, with kids who are tied to the apron string (the Madoff kids, etc.) and it’s just so lame. It’s enough already with Brooke Astor’s declining saga. Let her rest in peace.

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