Ruth Madoff…you look mavelis!

Now that Bernie is off to the slammer, it’s all about his lovely wife Ruth, who I bet is so far up the ass of this Ponzi scheme that she can’t breathe. I’d like to first note that her cheeks and forehead look fierce. I will bet HER bottom dollar that she has the same injectibles as Madonna. Come on. First of all, I have looked in every article written to date about the Madoff’s and nowhere do they list her age. Bernie is 70. So, then I will estimate her as not much younger. Now for a 65-70 year old woman…she looks fabulous. Look at the forehead. We can all agree that there is Botox in them there hills. As well as little touches around the eyes, cause, honey, she has no crows feet. And the cheeks? You know there’s enough Juvaderme in there to choke a horse. But all in all, she looks fab.

Now, if she loses all her money once the SEC moves forward on this case (since they did dick in every other situation…who are the clowns anyway, old Yuppie remnants from the 80’s?) she will not be able to keep her tri-annual treatments up. Oh my! She will then rue the day she met that schlemiel/schlamazel Bernie.

Fresh cheeks, in you ask me.You know she is guilty as shit in this whole debacle too. According to Ellen Bueno, the manicurist that did his-and-hers manicures for them, she noticed that Ruth handled the money. Let’s face it, she’s Jewish, and no doubt rules with an iron fist. I’m Jewish I can say what I want, unlike “some” bloggers (hint, he’s a fag and not Perez Hilton) who’s deep rooted anti-semitic inclinations are seeping out in his text as a result of the recent conflict in Palestine…but I digress. Between Ruth’s reputation of not being a big tipper in restaurants and the clandestine money transfers prior to his arrest, this women will go down for sure. The bad tipping kharma alone will definitely catch up with her. Have you ever been a waiter? Then you’ll know what I mean. And once the SEC attempts to justify their existance (which I can’t), she will end up with nothing except the residuals of her Jewish Cookbook, which I am sure is not enough to keep her cheeks nice and perky. Ruth, if you get put in the slammer, just think, you could take a job in the kitchen making kugel and brisket for the other inmates. They will love you for it.


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