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The best philosophy to live by is: “Keeping my side of the street clean”. And with that, I take pride in sharing an organization that is similarly committed to that notion, only it goes deeper than that. ACE-New York is the organization committed to helping the homeless and responsible for keeping the streets of SoHo clean. The idea behind ACE works because the individuals in the bright red uniforms who clean your sidewalk want more than charity—they want a better life.… Read More »

httpv:// No words. Sobbing. Close to the same impact as the Alexander McQueen “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They” collection.… Read More »

Bethann Hardison Chats with Abe

httpv:// Produced by Image Loading for IMW-TV… Read More »

Everyone and anyone in the fashion/media industries has been monitoring the major changes that recently took place at W Magazine. With Stefano Tonchi at the helm, having left his post at The New York Times Magazine, all eyes are on each issue of W. The recent covers shot by Inez van Lamsverde & Vinoodh Matadin have been dynamic and the fashion editorial pages look great. Much of the filler content seems old…but that is due to the internet delivering content at the speed of light. When I read that Kim Kardashian will be nude on the cover of the November… Read More »

Literally…I die. I die every time I watch The Rachel Zoe Project because she dies so many times that I die watching her die. Last night, she almost died doing the Naomi Campbell Fashion For Relief: Haiti event. When Rachel pulls Brad, her trusted sidekick, aside after meeting the Haitian male model, forcing a tear saying, “I have a thing about Haitians…they are like the nicest people in the world….it’s like every time I meet a Haitian….I…like…know how sweet and kind they are….I say…are you Haitian…and like they say yes.” Well, I thought I was going to die. Last night’s… Read More »

Naomi is going to join Kabbalah…again…and again…and… – PAGE SIX Lisa Marie wants you to send sunflowers to Michael Jackons’s grave. Um…can you just arrange for a delivery every week and charge it to Graceland. – D LISTED Matt Lauer is a horn dog and must attend Horndogs Anonymous meetings. Stat. Sounds like he did it with the Double-mint Twins. – RADAR I love Cate Blanchett and so proud of her for wearing Alexander McQueen’s dress..that he had selected for her from beyond. – NY MAGAZINE Known Gross Baboon, Rachel Uchitel is up to her usual tricks..being a trick to… Read More »

Wanted to share some snap shots of celebrities that made me say…well…you know what. Are you on Twitter? Click here to follow I MEAN…WHAT?!?… Read More »

Is the world bored? Whoever is interested in how Naomi Campbell treats her staff, please raise your hand. And with your raised hand, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why do I care whether Naomi Campbell whooped her limo driver or not?” And that the New York City police are looking for her is beyond me? Exactly how many cops have been assigned to this case? Or better yet, is this a job for Super-Cuomo? Now that Andrew Cuomo is investigating the alleged physical abuse case involving David Johnson, Governor Paterson’s crony, and Sherr-una Booker, why not add this… Read More »