Kernels of Dish (Thursday)

May 13, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Naomi is going to join Kabbalah…again…and again…and… - PAGE SIX

Lisa Marie wants you to send sunflowers to Michael Jackons’s grave. Um…can you just arrange for a delivery every week and charge it to Graceland. - D LISTED

Matt Lauer is a horn dog and must attend Horndogs Anonymous meetings. Stat. Sounds like he did it with the Double-mint Twins. - RADAR

I love Cate Blanchett and so proud of her for wearing Alexander McQueen’s dress..that he had selected for her from beyond. – NY MAGAZINE

Known Gross Baboon, Rachel Uchitel is up to her usual tricks..being a trick to a married man. - POP EATER

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  1. All very true, but I don't agree myself. I will stick the more conventional view. But I without doubt support your right to have your own point of view. Interesting anyway.

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