Jed Root, Tracy Christian & ACE New York


The best philosophy to live by is: “Keep your side of the street clean”. And with that, I take pride in sharing an organization that is similarly committed to that idea, only deeper. ACE Programs for the Homeless is committed to more than keeping the streets of SoHo clean. ACE is committed to providing educational advancement, opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and permanent housing for their clients. Since 1992, ACE provides job training and placement programs that have worked to assist over 1,700 homeless men and women reach their vocational goals, while serving the New York City community.

Jed Root sits on the board of ACE. His eponymous agency represents the top creatives in the field of beauty and fashion but he knows that beauty is not only skin deep. Tracy Christian runs the Los Angeles television division (TCA Jed Root) and just so happens to be my agent. This is how the new I Mean What site works. Each organization featured here is through one degree of separation. It is my pleasure to introduce ACE to you and to encourage you to find out what you can do to help. Click here to learn and donate. Also, check out and download the new ACE SoHo Shopping Guide App.

NOTE TO TRACY: When I land a TV deal, guess who will don that red jumpsuit and volunteer to clean the streets of SoHo for a day? Kinda like Lindsay Lohan or Naomi Campbell. Anyhoo, we love people that are committed to cleaning things up, especially their act. Another groovy lady is Bette Midler who created a dynamite organization with a similar mission, the New York Restoration Project. We love her to smithereens.


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