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Lookie here what image came up when I Googled Lucky Sperm Club.

“Lucky Sperm Club” – Warren Buffett. Yes those are the words of Warren Buffett from an article in The New York Times, “I don’t believe in dynastic wealth”, Warren Buffett said, calling those who grow up in wealthy circumstances “members of the lucky sperm club”. Since the second debate I cannot stop thinking about Mitt Romney and the way he bullied the moderators and continues to disrespect the President of the United States. That smug puss of his looks like he is constantly smelling shit but can not figure out where it is coming from since Mitt Romney clearly thinks… Read More »

Send in the clowns.

  Politicians are like an “IT” bag, and each season, there is a new “must-have”. This Presidential season is going to be the Chanel of wind bags. You find me one candidate for President of the United States, present company and President included, that is not prone to hypocrisy, and I will pay you money. Seriously, this is a one time offer, as I am not a betting man. No one on Earth can present the case for a candidate who does not talk out of both sides of their mouth and other orifices, in order to please the masses.… Read More »

How dare Weatherproof stand by their choice to use the image of Barack Obama in their massive billboard advertising campaign in Times Square. Just because Barack is the only person that would wear that old man crap. Oh, come now, Barack is no style maven. Haven’t you seen the jeans Obama wears? Yikes. They are like mom jeans for dads. I call them Obama Mama Jeans. But that’s not the point I am trying to make here. The fact remains that Barack Obama is our president and should not be used in vain. No matter how vain any president is…and… Read More »