Obama’s Blatant Misuse By Weatherproof

Jan 7, 2010Fashion

Weatherproof is clearly not gross-proof.

How dare Weatherproof stand by their choice to use the image of Barack Obama in their massive billboard advertising campaign in Times Square. Just because Barack is the only person that would wear that old man crap. Oh, come now, Barack is no style maven. Haven’t you seen the jeans Obama wears? Yikes. They are like mom jeans for dads. I call them Obama Mama Jeans. But that’s not the point I am trying to make here.

Obama Mama Jeans

The fact remains that Barack Obama is our president and should not be used in vain. No matter how vain any president is…and they are Blanche…they are. I repeat: The image of the President of the United States must not be used for commercial enterprise…especially without the consent of the White House. And (B) it is unconscionable that Weatherproof didn’t automatically tie-in a charity to remotely justify their gross misuse of power. I say power here in regards to the power of money to afford the ad. This is an example of everything wrong corporate branding, globalization and self-promotion. Rather than resort to these antics, perhaps Weatherproof should do what every other old man brand is doing to keep up with the times…refreshing and repositioning their product line. Just leave the Leader of the Free World out of your diminishing numbers. Seriously, when was the last time you even tried on a Weatherproof jacket? No matter what weather you live in. Their styling appeals to the K-Mart shopper, or worse. Since I never had grandparents, I can safely say I never even met anyone that ever owned a Weatherproof anything. Maybe an umbrella…but not even.

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