Boycotting The Kardashians… Really?

The family that prays together (for mountains of cash) stays together.

People are boycotting the Kardashians? Hey, I am the first one to poke fun at the Kardashian family. But over 277,000 people have signed the petition to boycott the Kardashians. That is just insane or inane, which makes these boycotters no better than the Kardashians, ecxept maybe just more jealous. What ever happened to the expression “live and let live”? If you are not into them, then don’t watch their shows or wear leopard print. If you are sick to your stomach from listening to their money making scams? Change the channel, turn the page, click away. Like these boycotters weren’t bored enough with their own lives in the first place to support them, now this? Excuse me, but to spend the time signing a petition when there are far more pressing issues plaguing our society coupled with the tenuous economic and political climate proves one thing: it is not the Kardashians that need a reboot, it is YOU!

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