War And Peace And The Millennials

Nov 5, 2012Gross Baboons

UPDATE ABOUT MILLENNIALS AND THEIR FEAR ISSUES: Generation Opportunity, with over 4 million fans on Facebook and direct grassroots engagement with over a quarter million young Americans, today released additional results from their comprehensive Michigan-specific survey of young adults ages 18-29. The poll found that 73% of Millennials in Michigan are concerned that so many American jobs are going to foreign competitors like China. If given the opportunity to set America’s fiscal priorities, 67% would lower taxes to restore and expand jobs in America. These cry babies annoy the shit out of me.


What is Peace? Well, those much sought after “millennials”–or as I like to call them, an over-compensated for, over-shuttled whiners–would not know what peace is because we have been a country at war for so too long. Millennials are so desensitized that that might would find that bit of news…news. These kids spent their Wonder Years texting and googling and complaining that their generation does not have the opportunity their parents had. Well, don’t blame the Obama Administration for the huge mistakes of the Baby Boomers, those the age of the Mitt Romenys, the Me Generation that had run-a-muck.

This election cycle is the most hate filled in memory since volunteering for my first Presidential campaign in 1972 for George McGovern, may he rest in peace. I was a sophomore in high school at the time, our boys were fighting in Vietnam and America’s youth was motivated to speak out, protest and do our part to end the war. George McGovern was a dove. For those of you millennials that do not even know what this expression means, it refers to politicians that are for peace, not war mongers, peace lovers. A term that would be snickered at today if either candidate dared use it to describe themselves. The soil that covers George McGovern’s casket is still fresh, making it easier for him to be turning in his grave.



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