Alexander McQueen Collection To Carry On

Feb 14, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Who can possible live up to the master, Alexander McQueen?

An inside source within the Gucci Group, that owns majority share in Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace), told me that they are busy looking to appoint someone from within the company to spearhead the label. Who on Earth can continue the tradition of Alexander McQueen’s long standing reputation as a master technician and visionary?Boy, are those big shoes to fill. Can you imagine the glare of the media on the first collection that is sent down the runway? There has to be a fine line between being respectful and over the top. Anyway you slice it, all eyes will be on that catwalk. My source told me that this decision is being made in part because of the enormous investment that Gucci Group made in Alexander’s label. The intention is to resurrect the brand, though he is still warm in the grave…but you know what I mean, because it would be devastating to the bottom line of the Gucci Group. Oy, that board room must have been cozy.

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One Response to “Alexander McQueen Collection To Carry On”

  1. Tina (Sydney) says:

    It's sad to say it but I would rather see the label fold. How can anyone replace him when what he designed was so intrinsic to his personality? What does it say about fashion if they think they can continue?

    Sure Donatella took over Versace with some success. But her and G. were so closely interconnected that it made sense that she picked up where he left off.

    But Alexander McQueen was one of a kind. He can't be replaced. They may as well pull some fashion student straight out of uni and plonk them in the job cause it won't make much difference – the Alexander McQueen genius doesn't belong to anyone else.

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