Jersey Bore – Off Shore

Aug 6, 2011People We Lerve

Come to think of it, I would much prefer this pack of hoodlums to replace the newly voted in Tea Baggers in Congress.

Who didn’t love the first season of Jersey Shore? MTV hit pay dirt with their updated Big Brother starring Goombas and Goombettes—a peek into the lives of those Bridge and Tunnel types that you otherwise turned your nose up at. It was a hoot. Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D were refreshing characters in all their low-brow, innocence and simplicity. Anyone in their right mind (we are talking about the MTV viewing audience here) would not give these folks the time of day beyond observing how they live and act. Like some kind of sociological experiment gone awry.

Somehow, this crew hit the zeitgeist and became the most popular reality stars to hit the airwaves—up there with The Kardashians. Suddenly being stupid was more admirable to our youth culture than say, getting a college degree. Sadly, with 50% of our college graduates being terminally unemployed, all eyes are on these bimbos and bimbettes who are gainfully employed and raking in big bucks. Is something wrong with this picture? Not really. We are a crumbling society, our morals and values have hit an all time low, matched only with the new S&P rating of the US long-term debt. Sadly, this proves my point.

Florence, the most stunning city in the world, is now besmirched by Sammi and Ronnie‘s asinine relationship. Season 4 has started off with the cast acting like feeble-minded, unfunny, caricatures of themselves, only in slightly better shape. As they loiter the cobblestone streets of Florence, there no difference between this or last season, besides the fact that they are Jersey Off-Shore. I’ll admit that occasionally I do get a giggle out of watching the douche-baggery that is the Jersey Shore, but perhaps this season should have been shot in Rome. Why? Because history repeats itself, and we know what happened there. As was the case with Rome in 410 AD, we are on The Eve of Destruction.



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