Crock From Shock Jocks

Joe Wilson, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are the horse's asses in the race against time.

And they’re off. The shock jocks, blabber mouths and horses ass’s mouths are running out of the gate. For one solitary day, after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and the senseless massacre of innocent people, we had a moment, before the staged silence, that felt as though this horrendous event might impact the bloviators who spew hateful rhetoric. It was on Sunday, and I was hoping that all the God-fearing Christians would see this as a sign and shift their evil-doing ways. That they might, perhaps, even be more Christian. One day. That is all we got. Because if you listen up now, the same old crap is being spewed by the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Rush (I need an Oxycontin) Limbaugh and the gun toting gun lobbyists. They’re baaaack! Let’s face it. Republicans are great at dominating the conversation. Heck, they won by a landslide, didn’t they? So, naturally they are not going to cower like the Democrats did for the last two years. No, these mongers are true to their core beliefs. They are bullies from a pulpit…bullying. They are pros at puffing out their chest, banging it like King Kong. Who isn’t afraid of bullies? According to statistics, bullying has increased in the school nationwide. Funny that no one talks about connecting the dots from the political vitriol to the grade school hallways. Well, I am here to do just that. What is heard in the home, most likely is brought to the classroom, like an elementary case of transference, Psych 101. Makes sense to me.

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