Gagging From Gaga

Sep 2, 2011Breaking Newzzz


And while I am at it, Lady Gaga is no Madonna.

Of all the weeks that Lady Gaga comes out fighting with words against Cathy Horyn, this would not be the one. As Goo-Goo Gaga did her Acting 101 Scene Study class with herself at the VMA’s, she should watch who she goes up against. Cathy Horyn is not, nor will she ever be irrelevant. And though I would love to go on and on about how wrong Gaga is about her, what is shocking in this whole story is that Gaga actually believes that a 15 year old girl is more important or relevant than a sophisticated, world-traveled, educated woman with a war-chest of reference. Surely we can say that Cathy is not a style rookie. One is more than enough. Yes, Tavi is cute and quirky, but please, let us revisit this conversation in 2020 – 2025.

Hey, I loves me the internet, duh. It gave me a voice and opportunity to speak out. But I would never suggest that my point of view matters more than those who do their jobs, and well, I might add. Taking pictures of your blue hair in the snow does not hold a candle to the eloquent writing skills of Ms. Horyn. And that voice, if anyone needs to be on NPR, it is Cathy. But to imply, or rather, flat out say to your minions that Tavi is more important than Cathy, well, that just shows me how fleeting Her Gaga-ness really is. And by the way Little Monsters, that is not a good thing. Lady Gaga is comparing apples to tangerines. And when I say tangerines, well, click here for what I mean by that. By the way Lady, you stole Britney’s moment at the VMA’s. That was gross.

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