Huffington Post Says No To Paid Bloggers

Mar 18, 2011Breaking Newzzz

I love Ms. Huffington.

As a unpaid, happy contributing blogger to The Huffington Post, the latest update is that Arianna Huffington is standing her ground about continuing to feature unpaid bloggers. I received an email trying to get me to enroll in the initiative to make HuffPo pay for every word, but truth be told, I would not want to make any waves. I love being a contributor and support those writers who want to get paid. It’s interesting times in the blogosphere.

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2 Responses to “Huffington Post Says No To Paid Bloggers”

  1. Why should bloggers not be paid when a writer for the newspaper would? You deserve it, Abe! Print vs digital hypocrisy is really mounting in places, even as other publications modernize.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Lord knows I think my pearls are worth plenty, however, what The Huffington Post has started is an amazing creative community, one that I love being a part of. I love you for thinking i am worthy even more. I support anyone's intention to place value on their work. I also know that sometimes we all have to do things pro-bono to enhance our visibility.

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