In Honor Of Eddie Fisher

Sep 24, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Eddie rest in peace.

Eddie Fisher passed away Wednesday night. Having experienced the passing-on of both my parents, I wanted to take this moment from commenting on Milan Fashion Week (what’s with all those colors anyway?) and acknowledge my friend Carrie’s sad loss. We are never prepared for parents dying. It is not really in our DNA. We need to either go through a funk, denial, addiction, depression, guilt, anger, sadness, and/or…all of the above. One never knows what to say. I’m sorry never works, because why apologize for something you simply did not do. Unless of course you hacked that person to death. It’s touchy. But being there for your friends is the best thing you can do. The pain…it passes. And might I also take this moment to recommend that you tell your parents…especially if they are still alive…”I love you”.

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2 Responses to “In Honor Of Eddie Fisher”

  1. Ericka says:

    I'm so glad Carrie shared stories of him on her blog and on stage. Many of the news items I have seen and read are focusing on the gossipy side of his life, but when I think of Eddie Fisher, I think of a guy who swallowed his hearing aids, watched CNN, and loved Obama. rest in peace, puff daddy.

  2. Kanani says:

    He must have been very proud of her. She's led a rich and varied life, and she's a good egg. Condolences.

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