Madonna and Macy’s and Material…Oh My!

Sep 23, 2010Fashion

The Material Girl Trifecta

You have gotta love Madonna. Of course for her unending musical contributions and icon status. I love that she takes a subway like Mayor Bloomberg, that she is a mother first and a designer second—and somehow managed to turn that situation into a 20 million dollar deal for her and Lourdes. She is a shrewd cookie and a cougar on a mission—and I love her. Oh to have been a fly on the wall at that Macy’s personal appearance yesterday. I am sure she was just thrilled to have to placate 350 screaming kids, all of whom had to purchase $75 worth of Material Girl schmattas in order to get access to the 4th floor Juniors department. Have you ever been to the Macy’s Junior floor? It’s enough to drive you into early retirement if you are any way connected to the schmatta business.

So, here is what I want to know from Madge. Is Juniors the meaning of life? After Madonna has gone on every spiritual journey there is…from Life is a Mystery to Ray of Light to Pappa Can you Hear Me (her Kabbalah influence) it’s almost unimaginable or unconscionable that she would wind up so knee deep in the garment center. But on a level that would even give someone named Moshe ulcers. Meanwhile, as the Material Girl hoopla was under way, the 50% mark down rack was clear and present. Look, every designer on Earth knows from mark downs. Sure, not all of them fit into the Macy’s Matrix—that illusive term that they use to make you feel honored to be doing business with them. I just wonder if she is about to experience a good dose of charge backs…which my sister Vivian refers to as legal grand larceny. Who knows, maybe that is why Madonna ran to do a personal appearance, in an effort to minimize that costly nonsense. Madonna talked about designing other Madonna collections going forward, like lingerie (cone bras and garters), footwear, swimwear and more. Now that Madonna is Jew–ish, she will be all schmattas all the time. Hey, she might end up getting a big house in the Five Towns of Long Island if it all works out.

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