Hillary Clinton: Before And After Hair-Clip-Gate

Sep 25, 2010Breaking Newzzz

This is Hillary Clinton's real hair.

No one on Earth has received more press this past week than my favorite woman on Earth, Hillary Clinton. She took so much heat and vitriol just because she was having a bad hair day. Name me one human that does not have these. Yes, that includes you…Mr. and Ms. Media-know-it-alls and Style Mavens. Now that I really don’t have hair anymore, I am safe from people looking at me cross-eyed…well…at least for bad hair reasons anyway. Hair is our most critical point of reference for, “I look like shit, I’m going home to rewash my hair and start over.” Yes, OK, I hear you. Hillary’s choice of grabbing a Rite-Aid comb and pulling back her hair, perhaps without glancing in a mirror was questionable. My sister Vivian said, “She must be having a nervous breakdown”. While Joan Rivers noted on Fashion Police, “How is she going to salvage the Middle East peace process if she can’t even tell her make-up artist to take the comb our of her hair?”

Anyway, I love Hillary (and still wish she was President) and what’s more…the picture above is how she really looks. My friend Roy Teeluck does her hair, but was not with her on that fateful Hair-Clip-Gate day. She has a great head of hair, and for what must be a damn good reason, Hillary decided that she did not want hair in her face while she was confronting the Israeli and Palestinian Prime Ministers while saying, “Look you two…figure this out…or I will put a clip in your hair”.

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