Kernels of Dish (Monday)

May 17, 2010Breaking Newzzz

These two Gross Baboons, Rachel Uchitel and Gloria Allred, are making the scene…and Rachel you will soon see raw and uncut in Playboy. – TMZ

Marc Jacobs says that coke was not mine. - PAGE SIX

Jennifer Hudson looks amazing. But now I hear her new album is all about dance tracks and well…just not her. Hope her new look does not get cheapened. - THAT GRAPE JUICE

Oy…Woody Allen comes to the aid of Roman Polanksi? That’s like Joslyn James coming out to the support of Loredana Jolie. - D LISTED

The glorious Iman and I have one thing in common…we both are obsessed with Intensati by Patricia Moreno. And maybe also… - ESSENCE

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