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My Guru, Patricia Moreno

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These two Gross Baboons, Rachel Uchitel and Gloria Allred, are making the scene…and Rachel you will soon see raw and uncut in Playboy. – TMZ Marc Jacobs says that coke was not mine. – PAGE SIX Jennifer Hudson looks amazing. But now I hear her new album is all about dance tracks and well…just not her. Hope her new look does not get cheapened. – THAT GRAPE JUICE Oy…Woody Allen comes to the aid of Roman Polanksi? That’s like Joslyn James coming out to the support of Loredana Jolie. – D LISTED The glorious Iman and I have one thing… Read More »

My Guru, Patricia Moreno

On this gross rainy Monday morning in New York City, after pawing through the many on-line news services looking for my I Mean..What?!? of the day, I thought…ugh…who cares. Naturally, I do. But what I have not ever done is simply share with you what one of the greatest components of my life. Something that helps to make me feel complete. I have been engaged in the fitness world for years, mostly as a participant, but surely long before all these gyms have cropped up and all these trainers (those people who can count to ten and do not want… Read More »

Sure, the lackluster economy does not top the list. Nor does the endless coverage of Tiger Woods and his barrage of hookery-tramps. Today it is all about taking a deep breath and thinking back to what you have to be grateful for. Though this year was turbulent, your job is to identify where there was joy. Gratitude lists are very personal, and since I feel so close to many of you (except those kooks who were obsessed with Lindsay Lohan), herewith is my list. I urge you to make your own, because as the year comes to an end, it… Read More »

Far be it from me to let this David Carradine story go by without commenting on it. Naturally, I wish the Carradine family much peace at this horrible time. But he died of what? How? Where? What? Huh? As a product of the swinging 70’s, my sexual proclivities were quite risque, as were most people’s then, thanks to Quaaludes. If you never did one, it is hard to describe. You took a Lude and ended up in someone else’s bed. Period. My friend Nancy was known to say, “That tree is beginning to look sexy” and off she’d go to… Read More »