Kim Kardashian: We Can See Right Through You

Oct 16, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Remove your label so we can see right through you.

UPDATE: Kim and Kanye love her butt so much, they now are committed to sharing it with the world. See her butt crack here. All I can say is what I have said before in matters such as these, Please remove your label so i can see right through you.”

A Kim Kardashian Halloween indeed. This Hallow’s Eve is going to be the scariest one in years. Kim is coming out with a vengeance to show off how much weight she has lost by taking speed. We all succumb to the pressure of feeling fat, and when the tabloids were dishing her for busting out of her dresses, coupled with the fact that Kanye left her behind, literally, by not taking her to Paris for the shows, she had to think fast. As Episode 1 of As The Kardahsian proves, Kim loves her “fun foods” and Kanye has her on a tight leash. So while the Kanye “The Big Fat Cat” West was away lollygagging in Paris, rubbing elbows with anyone that is important, Kim “The Fat Cat” was in Miami chowing down on Marshmallow Fluff.


The reviews are in:

The comedy continues with episode 2 of the hilarious new  parody web series by Abe Gurko! – RadarOnline

Once you’ve sampled this guilty pleasure it will be difficult to return to the “real” thing without thinking of As The Kardashians Turn. – Paula Duffy, HULIQ

Nothing is safe in ‘As the Kardashian Turns,” a new Web series about the Kardashian clan that says what we’re all thinking. – Kimberly Rae Miller, CBS 92.3 Radio

Abe Gurko, or as we prefer to call him “The Kardashianator”, is behind the cutting edge Comedic Web Series that features major pop culture icons being parodied all in the spirit of off-the-cuff fun. – Bridget Petrella, Upbeat Entertainment News

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