Kirsten Dunst Caught in the Quagmire of the Lamest Case On Earth

May 29, 2010Breaking Newzzz

This Kirsten Dunst "IT" bag is the non-story of the century.

Has anyone been following this Kirsten Dunst robbery court case that is currently under way? Could there be anything more ridiculous on Earth? First of all, this whole case is about a stolen bag from a hotel room. Why is this case in court? Was it a Birkin bag? Or, was it that new, Marc Jacobs “IT” bag? Did Kirsten wait months for the “IT” bag and just by nature of this being a case of the missing “IT” bag, does it heighten the relevance of this case? Is the “IT” bag guilty of stealing Kirsten Dunst’s title of “IT” girl?

Then there is the late breaking evidence that “drugs” were involved. Hence, clouding the innocence of the celebrity damsel in distress, Miss Dunst. Naturally, her trusty assistant, Liat Baruch, has come forward to say that the “drugs” were hers. Now wait a minute. “Drugs”? They are referring to a little bit of marijuana. I don’t know what planet this prosecutor, Robert Parker is living on, but I would be embarrased to be the one to say things to Ms. Baruch while under cross examination like:

“You were going to smoke that with Ms. Dunst, right?” he asked in a barrage of questions to Ms. Baruch. “Ms. Dunst knew you had the marijuana in your bag, correct?” (Cringing here.)

“No,” Baruch said each time. (Duh.)

“But it’s true you guys had planned to celebrate after the shoot that night?” (Wheee, a hit of pot and the celebration begins…or munchies.)

“No,” she said, adding that she planned to smoke alone before bed. (Do you think Liat suffers from insomnia or restless leg syndrome?)

Parker tried unsuccessfully to find out where Baruch got the weed. (Cringing again…back to the drawing board for you Mr. Parker.)

The line of questioning was barred by the judge. (That judge must share my sentiments.)

Outside of court, Parker said he hammered away at Baruch because he believes the pot belonged to Dunst and that there was a cover-up. (Shall we call this case…Watered-Down Gate?)

How many people would love to do this to Gloria Allred?

Is this the lamest case on Earth, or what?!? Well, maybe there is a tie. This case of the missing “IT” bag starring a joint versus all of the cases currently being handled by Gloria Allred. You know, Gloria and her merry band of hookers and trannys. They should all be ashamed of themselves and take a knitting class.

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