Lindsay Lohan… Return To Earth?

Mar 1, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Lose the bangs girl.

Lindsay Lohan made an appearance to promote her Saturday Night Live hosting duties on The Today Show with Matt Lauer sporting a new set of bangs. Bangs are not for everybody. Her face is too round and it does not look great. Speaking of not looking great, check out Gabourey Sidibe at some event last week. Sorry, get it together girl.

Really? Ess tatele...ess.

Back to La Liz, whose nickname also applies to La Lohan. Look at this snapshot of Liz.

This is perfection.

Lohan looks better without bangs as shown in Love magazine.

See what I mean?

Now if Lindsay wants to play Liz looking- The Cleopatra Years, she better star pounding down gallons of water. Unless she wants to play Liz – The Martha Years in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf.

Liz as Martha.

Unrelated but related are a couple of Interview magazine covers that need to be pointed out.

Here Lindsay is channeling Liz Taylor and looks believable.

Whereas in the case of wishful drinking…

Katy Perry has never looked this good as she channels La Liz.

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